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I am Sascha Whitefield, founder of Serenity Drop, family man, father of two. I became interested in essential oils about 5 years ago and since then it is my hobby, passion and significant part of life.

Serenity Drop is your trusted source of information about essential and carrier oils, their benefits, side effects, news on the market and more.

Also, we bring information about all kind of essential oil accessories, that provide easier usage of those drops, which purpose is to bring us in a state of serenity.

Besides that, we research and write reviews of essential oil, carrier oils, accessories and other things connected with this topic.

You will find information about recipes, homemade cosmetics, aromatherapy, natural healing, ecological plants and many other interesting subjects.

With Serenity Drop life guide, you will easily overcome everyday challenges like stress and illness, and find the way to protect yourself from dangerous toxins from food and environment.

We will regularly bring fresh news about essential oils in order to protect your health and health of people near you.


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